Blood Stained Snow Vol 1 - White Edition

 (=Black Edition + Requiem)

Requiem (47 pages)
Teaser (6 pages color)
Chapter 1 (80 pages)
Extras (~29 pages)

Blood Stained Snow takes place in a world ruled by dragons. Only a few chosen humans are allowed to act as the dragon's judges and death men. Feared for their madness and brutality - they are called Dragoons.

Rikka, also known as "chilling death", is a battle born woman fighting for her friends and comrades. She is given the probably most difficult task: deliver the message of the son's death to the family. However, an enemy's dragoon arrives and claims their lives and village. A fight not only for the living but also for the passed son arises.

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Blood Stained Snow Vol 1 - Black Edition

Teaser (6 pages color)
Chapter 1 (80 pages)
Extras (~28 pages)

The world is ruled by dragons. Their constant fighting for land is giving birth to a lot of wars claiming countless lives of brave soldiers. One of those lives is that of a young soldier named Ichiro. He finds himself alone on the battlefield separated from his comrades and captured by a bloodthirsty dragoon – a human that made a pact with a dragon to obtain superhuman power and serve as its death man and judge. In the last second a mysterious woman appears to save the young boy from certain death. Skillfully like a death angel this woman cuts through the enemy’s line. Together they fight for their lives and try to escape the madness of the dragoons.

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Japanese SFX - a read along guide for japanese onomatopoeia in manga

40 Pages (color)
over 100 soundwords explained

Ever wondered what those funny strokes are? How do you read them? What do they say? And why are they in
Genji's manga?
fear no more!
This guide gives answers.

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Buch: Die Ballade der Unendlichkeit (1)

80 Seiten (s/w, Softcover in Farbe)

Enthält Overture, Kapitel 1, Skizzen und Fanarts


In einer modernen Welt, die zunehmend mit der digitalen verschwimmt, gibt es Leute, die sich aus dem Überwachungswahnsinn befreien wollen. Diese Menschen werden Piraten genannt. Kommt mit, entdeckt die Welt - digital und real, bekämpft das System auf der Seite der Piraten und werdet Teil eines fantastischen Abenteuers.

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56 pages (b/w, Softcover in color)

Includes one-shot for the Shonen Jump+ competition. In english.


in a war ridden world ruled by dragons human life has little value. however, kenji - taking honor and duty seriously - cannothelp but blame the warrior rikka for his brother's death. things change when a dragoon, a servant of a dragon, claim their village and kenji's and his family's life are threatened. powerless compared to the superhuman strength of a dragoon their fate rest in the hands of this madman dragoon. who will come to their rescue?

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