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Pre-Order only Extras

Soldier Badge

Button (Ø 38 mm) - soldier badges to show what huge fan you are 8)

  • Footsoldier: 1 button with random motive (see pictures)
  • Warrior: 2 buttons with different random motives (see pictures)
  • Deshi: 4 buttons with different random motives (see pictures)
  • Dragoon: 6 buttons with all motives (see pictures)

2,00 €

  • Available
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Pre-Order Sketchbook

1 of 20 Blood Stained Snow A5 sketchbook (motive follows)

  • 128 pages
  • 90g/m²
  • lined/checkered/blank (not yet defined)

10,00 €

  • Limited Availability
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Blood Stained Snow Vol 2

Chapter 2 - Polarization and Anticipation (45 pages)
Chapter 3 - Cornered (47 pages)
Bonus - Critique Fatale (51 pages)
Extras (17 pages)

With the help of the battle-born warrior Rikka, the young lad Ichiro was able to escape from the cruel grips of two dragoons - servants of the prince and dragon Aodh. Little do Ichiro and his friends know about the danger that crosses the mountains not far away. A race of life and death begins.

Includes bonus story Critique Fatale

10,00 €

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Critique Fatale

Story (51 pages)
Extras (xx pages)

Rikka as an agent of the 1930s? Captain Kumayama helping Masuyo - the wife in need - with his detective expertise? A mystery in a hotel, a missing person and two over-motivated bell boys are on your menu in this mystery-comedy-historical 50 page long short story.

7,00 €

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