Current Project: Blood Stained Snow

I'm currently working on my series Blood Stained Snow. This project has a planned length from at least for years. My goal is to publish one book about 80-100 pages each year so that in the end it will be at least 400 pages long story.

It started all back in 2010 when I first created the character Rikka in my story Crystal Snow. After working on my entries for the Kibun Anthology I stumbled upon the opportunity to take part in the Shonen Jump competition. Working on it at night while working on my full-time job at day I managed to produce 47 pages in 3 months. This is thitherto my longest completed one-shot (Farewell has 60 pages but only partly inked).

Requiem and DBDU were my first very own printed books and I went to my first convention as an artist. This was the time I decided to make money from my art by selling my books. I took two month for planning my story and now producing the first chapter of Blood Stained Snow.

Past Projects

 CIL 2005

Nishi to Higashi

Banzai! 2006

Mein Traum

Connichi 2006

Die Maske des Löwen

Koneko 2006

Predestined Day: Course of the Red Sun

Connichi 2007


Manga Talente 2008

With Open Eyes (Platz 10)

Manga Magie VII Am Fenster der Träume (Veröffentlichung auf DVD)
Manga Magie VIII traum > x, x (Veröffentlichung auf DVD)
Manga Talente 2010 Party @ the Hill
Connichi 2010 A Mangaka's Story
Baito Oh! 2014 Shadow of Doubt (Veröffentlichung in der Anthologie)

Shonen Jump + x Medibang

Dec '15 - Mar '16

Further Projects
~2000 Krysta
~2006 White Phoenix (written)
~2006 Secret Library (written)
2007-2010 Farewell
2010 Crystal Snow (written & Artwork)
2013 Die Ballade der Unendlichkeit (Overtüre)
2014 Kapitel 0: DBDU (Kibun)
April - Oktober 2015 Kapitel 1: DBDU (Kibun)