Genji goes Japan

When I moved to Kyoto in March, I had to cook for myself. Since then I'm experimenting with all the ingredients and flavours I can find in the store and try to cook dishes I had in restaurants, guest houses, friends houses, etc. Today I want to introduce my first recipe I came up with today. I was surprised how tasty it was, even though it only took like 10-15 minutes to cook. What you need (for 1 Person, around 500kcal): cooked rice 120g soft Tofu 200g Onion, half Mushroom, 2 fried and...

Hello, long time not see. As people who follow my twitter account maybe know, I went to an interview with a japanese publisher this week. It went unexpectedly well and I learned lots of new stuff (I'm not gonna share much in detail today because it's too specific for my work) so people got interested because I said it was quite different from my previous experience with western publishers.

How to fly to Japan, what you need and what I learned from my trip.

About the meander before the travel actually started!