I'm currently open for digital commission. Please note that I reside in Japan and may answer during your night time.


  • Use of commissioned work is only for private use. If you wish for commercial use please state that in your request and with an extra fee you may use it for your publication (e.g. book, manga, but also social media), game or advertisement
  • Payment: 50% upfront, 50% within 14 days after completion
  • Payment method: paypal
  • Prices are rough estimates and basis for negotiations
  • Requests can be rejected before signing the contract without reason
  • copyright of art stays with me, work for hire for extra fee
  • Filling out the formular is not legally binding. It will be legally finalized after signing a contract


  • English or German or easy Japanese
  • Human, Backgrounds, Architecture, Nature, Machines, Weapons


  • Erotic, NSFW
  • Furry
  • Post it on your social media without consent

Sample pictures are given for every kind of commission. See, what fits your needs and budget best and fill out the formular below. I will answer within 7 days. If I won't reply within that period of time, consider the request declined.

Commissions include one change request. Commissioner will receive the final artwork in high-res JPG via share link and can download it for 14 days before the link will be invalid. A new link can be requested though.


Pencil sketch with colored accents or screentones. Fine details are implied.

This can include: character design sketches for DnD, character sheets for your story, weapon design, buildings, interior

  • portrait/shoulder: 20-50€
  • full body: 40-70€
  • non-human design: 30-70€

Clean BW

A black and white illustration. Done with pencil or ink. Screentones optional, as well as hatching.

This can include: small illustration of your character, a simple manga page with few backgrounds, concept art

  • black and white: 50-100€

Colored (Cell Shading)

Colored (Cell Shading)

Simple colored illustration. Flat color or cell-shading.

This can include: a portrait of a character, colored concept art

  • portrait/shoulder: 40-60€
  • full body: 70-100€



Thumbnails for sequential art.

This can include: manga, comic, animation, movie

  • per comic/manga page: 10€
  • per sequence: 10€
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