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Hi and Welcome!

I'm Genji and I love to draw action manga. It's my dream to someday live off of drawing and share my work with the whole world!

If you want to join my artistic journey check out my social media and spread the word :) I also publish my manga on webtoons. Feel free to read it there (but beware, you could get addicted :D) For all those who love my work you can also support me on Patreon, buy my books in the Shop or visit me on conventions.

Please make yourself comfortable. Hope you enjoy your stay :)


Latest News

Book 2

Chapter 2 is now starting at Tapastic, updating every monday and wednesday. The update cycle on webtoons will be bi-weekly.

Book 2 will contain Chapter 2 and 3 consisting of around 95 pages plus a bonus story Critique Fatale (~50 pages). That makes Book 2 around 150 pages thick. The anticipated release date is march 2018. Let's all cross our fingers that I'll make it :)