Genji Otori

Sequential Art and Illustration

Hi and Welcome!

I'm Genji and I'm the creator of Blood Stained Snow and Die Ballade der Unendlichkeit. Don't hesitate to check out my Portfolio

You can find Blood Stained Snow on my homepage. Feel free to read it there (but beware, you could get addicted :D) For all those who love my work you can also support me on Patreon, buy my books in the Shop or visit me on conventions.

Important note! BSS on hiatus because I'm in JAPAN

NOW AVAILABLE: Blood Stained Snow Volume 2!!!

Genji goes Japan

 From November 2018 till Summer/Autum 2019 I'll be traveling Japan. If you want to follow my journey, check out my blog and my twitter account @GenjiOtoriJP! Or just visit this site regularly :)

This also means I won't draw on my Manga during that time!
Blood Stained Snow will be on hiatus!